Longarm Quilting

Experience the artistry of longarm quilting at Finally Together Quilt Shop! We’re here to help you transform your quilt top into a masterpiece with our professional longarm services.

Comprehensive Longarm Quilting Services Just for You

With a vast selection of fabrics, patterns, and books, we’re prepared to bring your creative vision to life. Our monthly shipments of new lines and fabric collections ensure that we always have something fresh and exciting for you.

Be Amazed By The Magic of Long Arm Quilting

Long arm quilting is an art and a science. Use a longarm sewing machine to stitch together a quilt top, quilt batting and backing into a finished quilt. The magic of longarm quilting lies in its ability to add intricate patterns and designs, enhancing the beauty of your quilt.

Unleash Your Creativity & Enjoy Unique Results With Longarm Quilting


Over the years, longarm quilting has revolutionized the world by making the quilting process faster and more efficient.


Longarm quilting allows for greater design freedom, enabling quilters to create intricate and unique patterns.


The precision of longarm machines ensures high-quality stitches, resulting in a durable and beautiful finish.

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